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Fife Secure Dog Park



Parking is available in the secure field


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We believe in fun, reward-based coaching... because it works!  Our training classes help pups learn how to live in our world, while enjoying their life as a dog.  We don’t use or condone intimidation or punishment.


  • The workshop lasts around 50 minutes and takes places outdoors - dress for the weather!

  • Please arrive at the venue 5 minutes early – we will guide you to park in the secure field as soon as it is available.

  • Keep your dog onlead at all times, unless you are asked otherwise by a trainer.

  • Let’s presume that your classmates don’t want other people or dogs in close proximity – this includes when you enter and exit the venue.  Please ask kids not to approach other dogs without a Trainer’s permission.

Bring to each class:

  • Lots of tiny reward treats - bring a few training pouches, each containing a different tasty food such as cooked meat or cheese, cut into very small pieces

  • Training pouches should fit in your pocket, or round your waist, and be easily accessible

  • Your dog’s favourite toy (no squeakies please and ball toys should have handles)

  • Long-lasting edible chew, or food-filled toy (for example, a Kong™)

  • Dog towel

  • Dog water bottle/bowl

  • Dog mat/bed

  • Your dog!  Wearing a flat collar and walking-length lead.  A harness is also important if you dog pulls on the lead (we recommend Perfect Fit or Ruffwear harnesses).  No retractable or slip leads.

  • A chair if you need one (though we won't spend much time sitting down).

We will provide water for your dog

Recommended Reading

  • 'Dog Sports Skills' by Denise Fenzi

  • Kennel Club Rally Regulations


  • If you can’t attend a training session, let us know as soon as possible, as we tailor each class to the attendees.

  • If you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 or other infectious illness, are waiting on the results of a test, or have been asked to self-isolate – please do not attend training and let us know immediately.

  • If your dog is injured, in season or ill, they may not be well enough to train – ask your vet for advice and contact us before the training session.

  • Throughout training, handlers are fully responsible for their dogs.


  • We welcome children to our events and encourage them to participate in training. 

  • All kids under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 

  • If possible, bring someone else to look after children under 8 years old, so you can concentrate on your dog.

  • Young kids can become bored, so it’s best if they bring something to play with, to help them sit quietly. 

Current Government health guidance will be followed.

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