Give your puppy a great start!

For puppies under 6 months old

or dogs who missed early training

In response to the Covid-19 situation and the Scottish Government's current advice, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our indoor classes for the time being.


However, young puppies are still growing up and learning!  So we've set up an interactive online puppy course and have a great community of people with young pups who are training with us. 


The online learning package is delivered via Facebook and includes:


  • Dedicated support

  • Pre-recorded videos, including training demonstrations and advice.  These are easily accessible on your computer, laptop or smartphone

  • Resource handouts

  • An exclusive Facebook group for you to join and chat with us and other puppy guardians

  • The option to post your practise videos for feedback – either on the Facebook group, or privately to us by WhatsApp

  • A certificate on completion of your course

Please book using the form below and we will contact you with details.

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a big commitment, requiring lots of time and attention – they are constantly learning about the world around them.  It's vital that puppies are gently introduced to new things at a young age, so they learn not to be afraid.  It's also really important to set your puppy up for success, by teaching good manners in a fun and positive way. 


You can help your puppy to settle happily into your home life and avoid problem behaviours in the future.  Training together is a great way to build a trusting relationship and it's never too early to start.


Our puppy course focuses on invaluable foundation training, helping you and your puppy to understand and communicate with each other.  We cover all the basics such as puppy biting, chewing, toilet training, settling calmly, focusing on you, enrichment and much more.


Cost - £70

Corryisle Dog Training Fife Puppy Class


(over 6 months)

(under 6 months)

(over 6 months)

(over 6 months)

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Fife, Scotland

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